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The jacket in the groom's suit

The importance of the jacket in choosing the groom suit

A dress with an impeccable fit

The attention of the cut and the fabric is crucial because it is a dress with an impeccable fit, it must be worn like a second skin and nothing must be overlooked or left to chance, so it is important to evaluate the shoulders, sleeves and the bust.

Even if fashion always proposes new trends, we must be careful about wearability, it is therefore essential to always consider the physique, each of us is different, tall and thin, tall with broad shoulders, low with strong chest and so on. Based then to our body we will choose the most suitable dress.


How should the shoulders of the jacket be?

The shoulders of the men's jacket must be sufficiently wide, so as to leave freedom in the movements and the sleeves must go down softly, in order to avoid unsightly bulges caused by the muscles of the arms. If the jacket creates small folds and is waisted (then shaped with a dig at the waist), it means that the fit is good, while if the folds are numerous and deep, the size and drop are not suitable for the person who is wearing it.


What should be the length of the sleeves of the jacket?

The size of the sleeves of the jacket is simply compared to the length of the sleeves of the shirt. the arms stretched out along the sides should allow the cuffs to protrude about a centimetre, in fact the jacket should never completely cover the shirt or the hand. That movement that is often done, of stretching the hands forward until the wrists of the shirt are uncovered, unfortunately does not help to understand its wearability, and it results an incorrect and inappropriate operation for the choice of a dress. It is a good rule to observe the proportions, the cuff of the shirt should sprout from the sleeve to the same extent as the collar that comes out of the collar of the jacket, this to have a perfect aesthetic effect. These are all expedients that avoid a clumsy effect and determine the elegance of a man.

The bust

We must not overlook the width of the jacket at the waist, which must always be possible to button without pulling, so it is advisable to maintain a space of about 2 cm. There must be no wrinkles, otherwise it means that the size and the drop are too small, on the contrary, if it is too abundant on the shoulders and in the waistline the jacket is too big. The wearability of the garment must be adapted to the different male body types.

How do you measure the length of the men's jacket?

The easiest way to understand if the size of the jacket you choose is the right one, in order to make the figure stand out, is first of all to wear it and check the right proportion between its length and the height of the man. Based on the body size it will be then should not exceed the point of the pelvis, while for a tall man any length is granted but still maintaining the aforementioned characteristics.

These precautions are necessary to ensure that the chosen dress appears harmonious and in line with the physical characteristics, following the right proportions. For this reason, it is essential that at the time of purchase each man is carefully evaluated in his movements so that he can wear a suit that is comfortable to enjoy his refinement with the elegance that only a perfect dress can give.

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