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Oasi Perfetta, the scent of that special day

How can we relive the most beautiful day of our life?

How can we feel the emotions of the most beautiful day of your life? 

There is a way and it is guaranteed

The ideal formula is to awaken, by all means, the five senses. In fact, they can evoke the memories of our past in a very clear and emotional way, releasing all our positive emotions, such as pleasure or happiness.

A song, a flavor, an image all to evoke a world made of memories.

Let's try to review them one by one:

Sight: through the photo shoot or with the video, that we had so carefully commissioned, we can review those moments of which we did not want to miss anything

Touch: rethink the embrace of your better half given immediately after the fateful sentence, the handshakes and hugs of your loved ones

Taste: with the lunch or dinner dishes that we tasted during the party

Hearing: listening to that melody that we wanted during the celebration or during the dance accompanied by the notes of our love song

But then, the sense of smell remains ...?!

Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

If we add a smell, a perfume, then everything becomes easier to remember.

The sense of smell stimulated by a perfume, in fact, is the one that par excellence has the power to awaken indescribable sensations in the mind by transporting us to that place and at a different time, and that is what usually affects us most.

Perfumes have the power to influence our mood, sweeten our nights and they are rooted in our memory.

The perfume is magic.

A perfume is a gesture, a feeling. A perfume, is the open door to the wonderful. A matter of skin, contact, emotion. Magic Live!

(Victor & Rolf)

Give something magical

Oasi Perfetta, a perfect gift, a little original thought!

An original gift idea


Oasi Perfetta, the scent of that sweet memory

A fragrance can make us relive a memory much faster than any other sense, knowing how to release positive emotions and remember memories of our past.

We take care of our spouses to the point that we wanted to enclose the emotion of that special day in a glass bottle.

A gift idea for future spouses to relive the same sensations of that special day.

A perfume for the environment, which envelops and inebriates your home, the perfect oasis, the love nest, a fragrance that knows how to caress the soul and remains fixed in memory, indelible over the years, and that's why the Oasis Perfect knows how to enter the heart of all brides and grooms.

A fragrance that in a few seconds diffuses a delicate sensation in the environment.

The perfume for the environment "Oasi Perfetta" was conceived and created to bring you back to the emotion of that special moment and that will evoke the palpitations which it had caused you.

The most original and memorable gift idea there is

If you like the idea of giving something that really impresses and remains sculpted in the heart and intact in the soul, it could be the seductive fragrance Oasi Perfetta. You can have it as a home fragrance with the perfume diffuser by means of the exclusive wooden sticks. A piece of furniture with a suggestive and refined design, which emanates the fragrance in a delicate and sober way, the room spray fragrance in a traditional and refined glass bottle for a practical and quick solution to refresh any type of room. The Oasi Perfetta scented candles for immersing yourself in a warm embrace, made in an elegant white or black satin glass that can be adapted to any furnishing style and that always know how to create an enveloping atmosphere of light and perfume.

Capable of transforming a simple dress into an experience that arouses emotions and memories, try the perfumed water for fabrics Oasi Perfetta, a delicate and gentle perfume for fabrics that spreads in the drawers and linen and remains over time also in the wardrobes. Ideal to perfume your laundry for a long time, also ideal on delicate items, curtains, sofas, blankets, it does not leave marks, does not stain and does not alter them.

We wanted to enclose for our spouses, a dream in a glass bottle, to revive a memory and get us, in a blink of an eye, at that magic moment.

So, if you are thinking of giving a little thought and want to be original, give something magical, Oasi Perfetta a perfect gift, which will certainly amaze.

…the fragrance that intoxicates our home turns into an experience that arouses emotions and memories and that we want to live and relive...

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