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Make your appointment

Book an appointment to try our dream dresses for the most important day of your life!

In our atelier you can also book together with your partner. Since our structures ensure complete privacy and discretion. You will also be followed together with complete dedication from us in the realization of your dream while keeping the surprise effect.



Why make an appointment?

We advise you to make an appointment because in this way we could listen to your desires, your dreams and know your ideas that together we will be able to fulfill.

You will be able to try on the wedding dresses in complete tranquility and comfort, with care and passion we will realize your dream of an unforgettable wedding.

Because our greatest satisfaction will be your happiness.

You can feel free to evaluate in a calm and serene way and, above all, the appointment is absolutely without any obligation.

Why make an appointment?

For a busy man like you it is useful to make an appointment to have a person available who can follow and understand your needs.

You will be able to try on all the groom's outfits you want, choose the accessories that you like best from vests, to tie, ascot or bow tie, from cufflinks to shoes, so you can see yourself exactly as you will be on that special day.

Magnificent, elegant and proud in front of your sweetheart.

In all tranquility and with no obligation at all, feel free to decide which groom suit will suit you best for that magical day.

Can someone accompany me on the first date?

Of course, if you like to be recommended, you can bring someone dear to you. The mother, the sister, a friend of the heart are the people who will sincerely help you be the most beautiful princess with your wedding dress. However, based on our experience, we suggest you not to bring more than two people, because too many tips could create confusion and your choice could be influenced, let your wedding dress be a real surprise, of course you will leave everyone breathless!


How long will it take?

Take all the time you need to wear the wedding dresses, try them with the veil and all the accessories at your disposal, so you can experience the emotion you are looking for. We will be by your side with the specific intention of making you happy. The first appointment could indicatively last an hour and a half, so that you can choose, wear and evaluate at best, in a fairy place among silks, laces and embroidery.

How long will it take?

This is your decision, take all the time you need and we will help you, listening to your thoughts and your ideas, to make the right choice and to understand which dress is indicated in the style of the ceremony and which enhances you in all your elegance, based on your figure, your posture and above all your personality. However, approximately one hour may be sufficient as a first date


"Il tempo è relativo, il suo unico valore è dato da ciò che noi facciamo mentre sta passando"

Albert Einstein

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