What is the drop in a suit?

What is the drop in men's clothes

Do you want to know what size you wear because you have never used a men's suit?

Take the measurement of the thorax circumference, divide it by 2 and you will get your size.

Example: thorax / 2 = size

Now you we the size, but how to discover the drop number?

Follow in detail the descriptions of what the drop is, what it is for and you will get the answer.

Important premise: the size of the dress and the length of the sleeves are decisive for the choice of men's clothing. However, it is even more crucial to know the drop number.

Let's see more in detail what lies behind the perfect wearability and elegance in making a dress that fits like a glove.

What is the drop number?

The drop number is the result of the difference between the semi-circumference of the thorax and the semi-circumference of the waist. It allows customizing and improving the fit of both the jacket and the trousers.

The drop is a unit of measure used to give more or less wearability to the suit based on the body structure. In fact, it can happen that a tall, thin man and a low man with a little belly have different numbers of drop even though having the same size.

The drop, hence, allows us to choose with tranquility a perfect suit based on our body structure. It is then ALWAYS combined with a number according to the following physical conformations:

Drop 10 – extra slim conformation

Drop 8 – slim conformation

Drop 7 – very slim conformation

Drop 6 – normal conformation

Drop 4 – half strong conformation

Drop 2 – strong conformation

Drop 0 – extra strong conformation

In many lines of men's clothing, there are therefore clothes with different drops within the same size.

The drop 6 has a soft fit, suitable for men of average build, and was judged up to the 90s, the regular size par excellence.

Today, with the new concept of fashion, all the manufacturers have revisited the models creating a slim line with a different cut and shaped on the body. Therefore, it is the drop 7 to be considered of regular proportions between waist circumference and shoulders. It is then the regular measure "by definition".

The drop 8 is suitable for tall and very thin people with a narrow waist, the jacket and trousers are narrower.

The drop 10 has a very narrow shoulder, chest and waist conformation.

The drop 4 fits well to conformations with strong build, stomachs or tummy in evidence and therefore with a pronounced waist circumference for both the jacket and the trousers.

The drop 2 is slightly different from the builds of the drop 4, for people of lower stature and with a pronounced stomach.

The drop 0 is for conformations with stomach and belly very pronounced of medium-low stature, a prerogative to this drop is the fact that the sizes use an odd numbering.

The drop is an uncommon unit of measurement but helpful for giving a cataloging to the type of wearability of men's clothes. It is also a useful piece of information to know in order to be prepared and be able to satisfy one's needs and to be elegant with clothes that perfectly fit.

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