Wedding vow renewal

The best day of life, whenever you want.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

(Mignon McLaughlin)

The wedding anniversary is the perfect opportunity to renew the promises made, for romantics who want to pronounce the fateful "I do" once again, to celebrate the love that you feel and the union.

For those who want to re-celebrate with friends and relatives or for those who could not do it the first time and now have the chance. For those who, on the day of their anniversary, want to spend a romantic weekend in a different city with their partner, for a romantic getaway to celebrate your special day.

The wedding vows can be renewed both for marriage in the church and for civil marriage. Depending on the local culture, the church ceremony is very similar to the classic wedding ceremony with the only difference that no witnesses are required. Furthermore, always in accordance with local traditions, other rituals could be celebrated. Civil marriage does not have a defined ceremony for the renewal of the vows, you can think of something very simple that is only an emotional effect for the spouses and guests, or choose a location, a theme or an alternative way to create a different and original day that will remain in the memory of all participants. Many choose a different kind of party, such as the celebration during a cruise or a vacation on a boat, with a commander to renew the vows, or even a ceremony on the beach for a movie-like day.

Renewing the wedding vows

Renewing the wedding vows on the day of the first anniversary is the right occasion to wear your gown once again, the one that made you feel unique and special on a day when all eyes were on you. However, this does not mean that the other anniversaries are less important, each one has its own identifying name and it has to be celebrated in the best way, in the way you prefer.

According to tradition, each anniversary is associated with different materials, starting with the cotton (1st) to the better-known silver (25th), gold (50th) and diamond (75th). In addition, each year a flower and a gemstone are tied, from the Carnation / Mother of Pearl of the first year to the Iris / Tsavorite of the twenty-fifth anniversary.

If you do not want or cannot wear your wedding dress, you can opt for a formal dress, in order to wear something that could be also colourful, that you did not wear the first time. This could be an opportunity to choose a different style because the location of your anniversary will be different. It could be also an occasion for an outfit that recalls the flower symbol of the wedding year you are going to celebrate.

For the man who wants to wear a tuxedo he did not wear on his wedding day or for the shirt enthusiast who cannot wait to be immortalized with the model of the new collection. For the woman who has married with a long dress and now prefers to dare a short and sensual dress even in a mermaid version.

This could be the opportunity that would allow you to wear a modern dress with a trendy look, chosen among the new and irresistible proposals of the new collections. Moreover, if you have an idea, but nothing satisfies you at all, the Sposa Perfetta workshop is at your disposal to make a tailored suit following your suggestions and your desires for you and the whole family.

It is never late to start renewing the wedding vows and declare your love...

Traditional wedding anniversary gifts

1st year Paper

2nd year Cotton

3rd year Leather

4th year Linen

5th year Wood

6th year Iron

7th year Copper

8th year Bronze

9th year Pottery

10th year Tin

11th year Steel

12th year Silk and fine linen

13th year Lace

14th year Ivory

15th year Crystal

20th year China

25th year Silver

30th year Pearl

35th year Coral

40th year Ruby

50th year Gold

60th year Diamond

65th year Blue Sapphire

70th year Platinum

80th year Oak

85th year Wine

90th year Stone

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