Wedding veils, which one to choose:

Bridal veil, the most romantic and timeless accessory for a bride, it has also the power to transform a dress into a real dream

The choice of the veil is an important element that arouses emotions, an important accessory and a refined ornament that should not be underestimated.

The veil of the bride has a long history, it is a strong symbol as much as the white dress, it is known since ancient times with various meanings in its use.

There were those who considered it a symbol of good luck, some to protect against evil spirits, some as a sign of chastity and purity. Certainly, the whole history that it brings with it still makes it a very precious object.

It makes any situation majestically choreographic by creating an aura of sophistication and romance to the bride who wears it.

You can choose to wear it or not, certainly the veil will further embellish that magnificent dress you have chosen. It is said that the long veils represent the couple's years of engagement, therefore a meter of tulle is added to each year.

The most classic veils are those in simple tulle and the ones in worked lace, the same length as the dress, or with a train.

However, there is a wide range of types that can satisfy every need. So we can distinguish them by main features.

We can therefore start by grouping them in three categories: short, medium and long / very long veils.

There are then subcategories with specific names that allow you to recognize their style and are as follows:


The light veil: type of veil very common in the 50s, is a very simple light veil that was pointed to a hat, a very sober veil.

The cap veil: a net or crochet veil in the shape of a cap, often embellished with flower beads and rhinestones, very simple but can be worn together with a longer veil.

The triangle veil: it is a short veil in the shape of a triangle or a petal, very cheeky and usually hooks with a small comb to the hair it can have one or two layers of tulle, a very fashionable style in the sixties, therefore suitable for vintage clothes.

The birdcage/blusher veil: made of two layers of tulle of about 70/90 cm, falls just below the shoulders and is worn on the face until the arrival at the altar where usually the groom raises him gently, discovering the face of his beloved.


Elbow length veil: the name already explains the length of the veil that is 130 cm, very practical to wear while maintaining its elegance and its romance.

Waist length veil: veil of length 137 cm very similar to the previous one only a little longer reaching the just waist, a classic to wear

Fingertips length veil: veil 180 cm long that, as can be deduced from its name, reaches the fingers of the hand as length. A model that can be embellished with a satin, lace or why not border with light points, sequins or glitter to give brightness and creating an appeal with the dress worn.

Waltz or floor veil: 248 cm long veil, large and voluminous but very comfortable, perfect for those who love peace of movement without giving up the charm of the veil. It is worn with the veil in front of the face but the length on the back can be between the knees and ankles, offering the possibility of raising the veil that covers the face when meeting the groom and, at the same time, having the veil behind as a perfect frame to your dress.

Long / Very long

Mantilla veil: a veil that unlike the others is placed directly on the head without the use of combs or anything else, usually has an embroidered border or can be entirely in lace. Veil born in Spain, oval in shape, can be finger-length or cathedral-style.

Chapel veil: 274 cm long veil, the first of the long veils. It reaches the floor, elegant, with its length is able to enhance every bride whilst offering the tranquility of the movements thanks to the little train, its class, an unmistakably romantic and refined style. It can be enhanced with various types of lace contours offering an original and refined design.

Church: veil 320 cm long, a very important veil while still allowing you to move freely. A very refined accessory that enhances royalty, with its elegance is perfect for precious clothes. It is the type of veil most used in Italy.

Cathedral: veil 366 cm long, a demanding veil that requires the presence of bridesmaids and pageboys due to its particular length. A majestic veil that guarantees elegance and sovereignty with its very scenographic being. Ideal for those who want to stand out.

Royal: the longest veil ever, these are the most spectacular models. It also reaches 7 meters in the case of real brides, therefore very long and wide and certainly not very practical but for photos it certainly offers a spectacular effect being very scenographic!!!

As for the costs of the veil, they can vary a lot, it naturally depends on various factors such as, for example, the type of fabric, more or less valuable; the model, more or less elaborate; the length, the type of lace, the applications and so on.

So, the advice is to choose the veil that makes you feel like a real princess, which is in line with the style of the dress and then live the moment with all the magic possible and remember that the veil is that perfect touch to make your day unforgettable.

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