Dresses for bridesmaids: how to choose them

Dressing the bridesmaids and groomsmen is as important as dealing with the choice of wedding dress. Keywords are comfort, practicality and elegance.

Clothes for bridesmaids: how to choose them

A wedding, to remain vivid in the memory of the guests, must be meticulously cared for in every aspect. The presence of bridesmaids and groomsmen - for example - gives tenderness and sweetness to the event, helping to make it even more unforgettable: they, usually, have the task of carrying the veil of the bride or to precede her, announcing her entrance into the Church.

It follows that the choice of clothes for the bridesmaids is a moment not to be underestimated and to be carried out calmly and carefully, as it is essential that the selected clothes are in tune with the style of the wedding day; in this regard, we remind you that, according to the Italian tradition, bridesmaids and groomsmen are girls and boys from one year old up.

The dresses that can be made are real bijou of tailoring, whose fabrics and embroidery transform bridesmaids and pageboys into little princesses and princesses: it is not important that their dresses are the same color as the bride's dress, but it is appropriate that they are in harmony with the style of the ceremony.

A combination of clean, minimalist lines on the one hand and bows, ribbons and baroque sequins on the other - for example - would overall give a very bizarre effect, as if the dresses had been chosen without consultation.

Similar in color or pattern?

If you prefer to follow theAmerican custom of the wedding procession , it is important - again - to think not only about your own look and that of the groom, but also about the clothing of the bridesmaids.

We remind you in this regard that, according to the Anglo-American wedding tradition, the dresses of the adult bridesmaids can all be identical, or have the same color, or the same model.

The more flexible brides let the bridesmaids choose the dress they prefer, provided that it shares the same feature with the others: the model, for example, or the color. What matters, however, is that the dress of the bridesmaid is elegant and sober.

With this solution everyone will have a dress that appreciates and that will make her feel at ease, but also the tastes of the protagonist of the day will be respected.

The age of the bridesmaids

The bridesmaids, according to American tradition, are the same age as the bride, while the Italian tradition wants them to be small and graceful creatures of a few years. Nowadays it is taking place in our country the habit of having for bridesmaids of their friends. The style of the clothes worn by the companions of the bride will be similar to each other also called bridesmaids.

Whether you follow the Italian tradition or the U.S. one, our atelier will provide you with dresses for every size and measure, with great margins of customization of models and colors: such a dress, of course, offers the possibility to change the garment to your liking and ensures - at the same time - the maximum fit. Surely the custom sewn dress is to be preferred to the pre-packaged ones, especially if they are made by specialists in the field as those you will find at our atelier.

Certainly, the smaller the bridesmaids are, the more the ceremony and, in particular, the moment of the exchange of rings will be tender, sweet and exciting. If you want a page or a bridesmaid to carry the rings, ask for a pillow for the rings: we can customize models and fabrics with colors, patterns and embroidery made strictly by hand on fabrics of the highest quality.

Do not forget, on the other hand, that the wedding must be an occasion of joy for the small companions: it does not matter if at the end of the evening the dress will be creased, what matters is that the bridesmaids and groomsmen, accompanying the bride and groom at the altar, will feel protagonists of a special event that they will keep forever in their hearts.

Accessories for the bridesmaid

Once you have chosen the most suitable clothes for the type of ceremony, you will need to think about accessories. Shoes and hairstyle decorations will be the master. Obviously we also think about these details, which are essential to make a perfect outfit for the wedding day.

The bridesmaid's dress can be decorated with bows or ribbons, which can also be taken up in the hair made with super glamorous combs and clips . All these accessories from Sposa Perfetta transform the bridesmaid into a refined and elegant bridesmaid for a day.

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