The necklines of wedding dresses: how to choose the right one

The necklines of wedding dresses: how to choose the right one

The choice of wedding dress is a very important step for every woman who is about to crown her dream of love. Precisely for this reason to be advised appropriately by experts in the field, is really important.

There are several elements to consider: among them, it is essential to select the right neckline.

There are different types, to be evaluated according to the cut of the dress and, of course, the personality of the bride.

Whether it's a sweetheart neckline or a square one, a boat neckline or a round one, it is always essential to give the whole a greater touch of refinement, originality, purity and so on.

Until recently, fashion houses tended to make garments with the same neckline on the front and back. Today, this rule has been changed and companies to be more innovative have created designs by mixing the various necklines: many wedding dresses, in fact, combine different necklines to achieve a unique effect.

Dresses and necklines of wedding dresses

There are several criteria to follow to identify the most suitable wedding dress neckline. A first consideration concerns the overall style of the dress, with which the neckline must be in complete harmony.

The types of necklines are really many and, among other things, are not exhausted in a mere list, as each may be susceptible to change, giving rise to original variations on the theme. So take the following list with a pinch of salt, which is certainly not exhaustive, and keep in mind that each neckline can be customized and interpreted in an original way:

  • one-shoulder: neckline characterized by the presence of a single shoulder;

  • square: the straps go up straight forming two right angles with the neckline;

  • v-neck: the neckline has a triangular shape and is characterized by a variable depth;

  • high neck: it partially covers the neck and totally covers the breast;

  • boat neckline: it is a neckline that resembles the shape of a boat;

  • heart-shaped: it has a shape that recalls the two upper curves of a heart;

  • off the shoulder or humeral: the straps fall to the side, leaving the shoulders uncovered;

  • American style: characterized by different variations;

  • queen Anne: neckline that extends to the back of the neck, creating a very refined geometric effect;

  • wave or smile: it is a neckline similar to the heart-shaped one, but less accentuated.

What neckline for an abundant breast?

Another standard that must be kept in mind is the physical appearance of the bride, of which the dress will highlight the merits.

The necklines - for example - in the case of an oversized breast (we refer in particular to those who wear a sixth or seventh bra), should be considered carefully. In this case it is advisable to opt for a "restraining" solution, as due to the excessive weight of the breast, the dress would end up creating folds, which, inevitably, would penalize the final result.

Neckline and personality

The neckline of a wedding dress is often in pendant with the character of the bride.A strong personality will look for a deep and sensual neckline, the most romantic and dreamy woman, among the various types of neckline, usually opt for the heart-shaped, boat-shaped, off-shoulders or one-shoulder with tatoo effect (think, for example, the princess and mermaid models), while the most sophisticated will be tempted by vintage models such as V-neck or American style; the latter - as mentioned above - can be declined in different variables:

  • closed in front and back with a band on the neck (pistagna);

  • closed in front and with a bare back;

  • closed in front with straps that intertwine at the back, creating a very sensual neckline;

  • wave or heart-shaped front with straps intertwined on the back of the neck and bare back (the so-called Marylin neckline: think of the film "When the wife is on vacation" of 1955).

The most daring brides, then, do not disdain the slip dress with plunging neckline, which is a guarantee of elegance and sensuality. The illusion or asymmetrical variants, on the other hand, are appreciated by those who aim to stand out, while the round one is a symbol of simplicity and candor.

With all these solutions, no bride will have a hard time finding the ideal version for her personality!

Necklines with tattoo effect

An ornament loved by numerous women who are about to get married is the so-called tattoo effect. This has become a must for many brands: a layer of flesh-colored tulle decorated with embroidery, beads and highlights is applied to the neckline. Nothing better for modern brides, who want to artfully combine sophistication and sensuality.

It must be said that any type of neckline can be enhanced by the tattoo effect: the precious embroidery and defined in detail on transparent veil, give the impression of being decorations made directly on the skin, just like a tattoo!

The neckline on the back

The neckline on the back is no less important than the one on the front. Some consider the uncovered back too bold, but in reality this detail can be an emblem of great class, especially if you play with lace.

It is common that the back neckline does not coincide with the front one. In this way, the garment appears even more unique and exclusive: think, for example, of a very generous neckline on the back which contrasts a much more contained front neckline. The combinations, in this sense, are really endless!

If you want to be inspired by the necklines of wedding dresses, come and discover the latest proposals on our website or contact us to ask for a custom-made dress: we work to make you happy on the most important day of your life!

At the atelier Perfect Bride you can buy wedding dresses of high quality, mirror of the excellence of Italian haute couture. The models are also customizable, according to the requests of the customers: the latter will express their preferences on design and fabrics, and will have the opportunity to wear the dress they have always wanted for their wedding day and to change the neckline of the wedding dress, if they wish.

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