Choose the dress for the same-sex union

How to choose the right dress for a same-sex civil ceremony?

Fairy tales, novels and films have taught us that on the most beautiful day of our life there will be a sweet beloved, dressed in a romantic white dress, that will meet her sweetheart at the altar, which will be there waiting for her in an elegant suit.

How to choose the dress if there will be two women or two men that will be joining on that day?

As with for the most classic of weddings, there are so many choices of clothes. The civil union also allows us to dare even more, to range and to be imaginative both in the shapes and in the colours. Everything you want becomes possible.

It is possible to play with colours and combinations, choosing a dress that will surely be at the height of the big event.

How to choose the right dress for a same-sex civil ceremony?

Think only of you, what style you would like for your dress, concentrate your choice on the model, the type of fabric and colour that you like best, because if you are satisfied with your dress you will feel safe, at ease and beautiful to celebrate your union and your Love.

Your day will be a special day in total harmony and total serenity.

Think about the mood of that day, how you decided it will be your party, your ceremony.

Choose clothes that are in line with your project, which reflect the style and place chosen and your tastes, creating total harmony.

Whether you are a man and a woman, two men or two women, choose for each one the dress that best brings out your figure and your personality.

The choice of dress must be made separately in order to create a beautiful surprise for your partner.

There is no official dress code for civil marriages, but common sense and good taste do exist. Avoid dressing with identical clothes is an unwritten rule, but recommended, since there is no dress that can exalt two different people in the same way, it is appropriate to follow one's instinct or taste. This does not mean that the styles of the two dresses must be diametrically opposed, in fact there may be affinities in some details, references in colours and fabrics, for a balanced and harmonious result. Accessories like the tie, bow tie, shoes, veil, and other precious details can act as a link between the two dresses.

Play on colours and lengths, on transparencies and take advantage of the freedom that a civil union allows, choose short dresses, necklines and slits, with a lot of train, or semi-transparent dresses, the revisited tuxedo, the classic morning dress or the dress suit or even shirt with Bermuda shorts...

Get out of the standard canons, enjoy these moments full of style and elegance, build your perfect outfit to be original with class and refinement for a wedding ceremony that you will remember over time in such a special day that will remain in your heart forever.

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