Men's shirt: the characteristics of an evergreen garment

A man's suit cannot do without a man's shirt, which comes with different features to suit the occasion and the man's style.

Men's shirt: perfect for elegant occasions


The men's shirt has always been the item of clothing that you can not and should not give up on elegant occasions, such as weddings and receptions or other ceremonies in which a formal outfit is required. So let's see in this post what are the main features of the men's shirt and analyze in detail the individual elements that make up this garment.

From Sposa Perfetta you can find men's shirts of the best brands, to wear and make known your style and your personality.


Collar of the shirt for men

Speaking of style and personality, the neck is the element that characterizes most of the shirt and the three main types of collar are

  • Italian collar, characterized by wide opening and closed tips, which allow you to accommodate medium tie knots and are suitable for a very classic and formal style;

  • French collar, characterized by a very wide opening and points that tend to the outside, or open. Also in this case the shirt will be perfect for a formal outfit, able to accommodate very important tie knots;

  • button down collar: it is a collar with two buttons sewn on the fabric of the tips and that characterizes the shirt comfortable, informal and sporty. For this reason it is the perfect collar to wear open and without a tie.

In addition to these three main types of collar, there are many others, such as the normal collar, the diplomatic collar, with points and double or single band and so on.

More and more appreciated is also the mandarin collar, without points and, for this reason,

ideal on certain men's clothes.


Men's shirt cuff

Usually the cuff of a man's shirt is 7 cm high and designed so as to emerge for about one or two centimeters from the sleeve of the jacket. Usually there is a distinction between normal cuffs and cufflinks or double cuff, a solution that can always have or normal buttoning or cufflinks.


Men's shirt wearability

When it comes to fit we tend to divide men's shirts into three broad categories: Classic Fit, Regular Fit and Slim Fit.

Classic Fit: these are comfortable shirts that suit the man who wants a simple and essential style.

Regular Fit: these are men's shirts that are narrower than Classic Fit, but slightly wider than Slim Fit.

Slim Fit: these are the shirts with a slim fit, perfect for the man who loves fashion and is looking for a close-fitting garment, but that allows comfortable movements.

Men's shirt fabric

The men's shirt for classic ceremony is made of cotton or cotton and silk. Cotton is obtained from a plant and the longer, whiter and thinner the filaments, the more valuable the fabric. The quality of cotton fibers depends on the length that varies from 10 to 60 millimeters and this explains the difference in price of the shirts that are on the market.

Referring to cotton, we point out that the most valuable of the processing of cotton fabric is the double twisted, although there are many types on the market.

The silk shirt is, however, a true icon of elegance and timeless luxury, which every man should wear at least once in his life. Silk originated in India and has always been used by designers to make their finest garments.

Italian silk, however, is one of the most valuable and has created a silk route that can be reached even without going to the East. It is precisely on the processing of silk that the economic district present in Como and its province is based, where this fabric has been produced since the 14th century. Italian silk and, in particular, silk shirts are appreciated for the quality of the raw material, a soft and bright natural fiber.


Men's shirt buttoning

Among the peculiar characteristics of the men's shirt we can not fail to mention the buttoning, which determines its style. Among the
types of buttoning for the elegant style we remember

  • hidden buttoning;

  • Visible buttoning .

The front of the men's shirt can also be decorated by a rouge, which can be made both horizontally and vertically and that recalls the style of the nobles of the past and this type of shirt is combined with a cufflink.

As you can see, there are really many types of men's shirts to choose from and that Sposa Perfetta offers to the groom, but also to the best man and the guests at the ceremony. A nice shirt, we are convinced, also increases and enhances the suit for men and allows you to show off an elegant and formal style, presenting itself on the scene of the wedding in its best dress.


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