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Bridal accessories: how to choose the most suitable for you

Check out Perfect Bride's tips for choosing the right bridal accessories for your wedding look based on your hairstyle and wedding dress.

Bridal accessories: how to choose

The jewelry and bridal accessories are a key element of the look to be shown on the wedding day and if chosen carefully enhance the beauty of the bride and her dress. We Perfect Bride recommend choosing accessories and other details along with the dress and based on the hairstyle chosen for the wedding. The goal is to decorate the bride with grace and elegance, making her the true star of the day. So let's see some tips for a perfect look.

Hairstyle and accessories: the importance of style harmony

As mentioned, the choice of bridal accessories, especially jewelry and hair clips, is greatly influenced by the hairstyle. Those who prefer a romantic style with straight and loose hair can opt for a small crown or a tiara with light and elegant weaves, perfect with any kind of hairstyle.

Those who come to the altar with a semi-wrap can choose small decorations, to be inserted in the hair as a point of light. Flowers are also a very popular choice and can be made to create a leitmotif with the bouquet. In this case, large flowers are perfect for simple hairstyles, while for complex and intricate looks, small flowers are fine.

Bridal accessories: combs and clips

To give light to the hairstyle are perfect rhinestone clips and combs inspired by the forms of nature, for example with small leaves and flowers and to be applied behind the head or on the sides of the head.

When choosing hair styling accessories, it is important to note that they should be selected not only based on the bride's haircut and length, but also on the dress and the wedding location and style. A modern wedding can see brides with short hair illuminated by hairpins, while those who prefer a classic wedding can indulge in a wide choice of clips and ribbons, such as those proposed by Sposa Perfetta.

The accessory for bridal hairstyle always follows a single thread dictated by the style chosen to celebrate the ceremony, celebrate the event, but also by the dress, the location and then the hairstyle of the bride herself. Based on the location will be chosen the dress to wear that will have to follow the appropriate look

and consequently the perfect hairstyle for which will be decided the appropriate accessories to match. For example, if you will choose a Boho chic style for a garden wedding, or in the green of a beautiful meadow choose a soft hairstyle could prove to be the ideal choice, for a natural look. How about a nice side braid or leaving your hair loose, perhaps applying floral accessories such as little flowers or a string of flowers?

Bridal accessories: finding the right jewelry

Jewelry is thebridal accessory that never fails on the wedding day and to choose the most suitable ones it is important to assess the shape of the face, the hairstyle and the wedding dress as well as the location. In detail, those who have a rounded face will be able to focus on dangling earrings and elongated shape, while for the oval face will be fine all shapes and sizes, except for ovals. If, then, the bride has a square face, small rounded shapes will be perfect to soften the facial features.

In addition to the shape of the face is important to choose according to the hairstyle. In this case, with short or cropped hair, dangling earrings are ideal, while for medium length and loose hair, jewel clasps will be perfect, capable of creating light points on the face.

After seeing how to choose jewelry according to the face and hairstyle, we end our advice with a focus on the dress.

If the neckline is pronounced it is good to choose a necklace of medium length, such as a chain with pendant, a string of pearls or a necklace with floral motifs. If, on the other hand, the dress has no neckline then necklaces should be avoided and it is better to focus on earrings and clips with rhinestones, simple and bright. For example, if the dress has a country style you can show off even large earrings.

As for the material, green light to white gold, platinum and silver for the traditional white dress, while yellow gold is perfect with warm colors ,for champagne and ivory dresses. Finally, if you are getting married with a civil ceremony and the wedding dress is colorful, you can choose ton sur ton jewelry.

The last tip for choosing bridal accessories and, in particular, jewelry is to match them with your shoes.

For the most traditional and romantic brides, you cannot miss the gloves, back in trend in this 2021 and available in many models: short or long, satin or lace. The important thing, even in this case, is to take color and style of the wedding dress and choose the length based on the conformation of the arm.

In any case, choosing the best accessories is a matter of good taste and it is important to remember to maintain harmony between hairstyle, dress, jewelry, other bridal accessories and location. Only in this way you can make the figure of a true queen and be the undisputed star of the wedding day.

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