Art Director consulting

Sposa Perfetta offers the opportunity to book a consulting on the art direction of the wedding.

It is our practice, once you have chosen your wedding dress, to give you some advice related to the bearing of that dress and, if you want, also on the sophisticated manners to be kept during the ceremony. We also offer you the opportunity to book a consulting on the art direction of the wedding, analyzing it and advising you on every aspect of the event, intended as photography, floral decorations, hair stylists, make up, sugared almonds composition, receptions in different locations and, why not, be present at the ceremony to make your dream perfect in all its details.

Remember that the wedding day is a very special moment, it will seem like you are living a fairy tale and the most important thing is that you live it with the lightheartedness and joy of a princess on her most beautiful day.

On your wedding day, like in a movie, there will be scenes that must be perfect, but they cannot be repeated as a director does if he sees something wrong, and that is why we want to give you our support, our experience and our help to make you live the emotions of that fairy tale without thoughts.

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